Avon Growth Management is not a traditional private equity firm, nor are we a strategic acquirer. We are looking for a business into which we can pour our energy, and dedicate ourselves to long-term sustainable growth.

We are able to provide a business owner with a liquidity event and transition to a new, talented and responsible management that is committed to continuing the legacy and success of the business

We are different from traditional private equity acquirers in some of the following ways:

Strategic Acquirers Private Equity
Commitment 100% of our effort and attention Management is shared/subsumed by the parent company One of many portfolio companies
Priority Growing the company after the deal The parent company Finding the next deal
Terms Maximum flexibility of terms to suit needs of both buyer and seller Terms are structured to protect the acquiring company Terms are dictated by the fund structure
Source of capital Successful entrepreneurs, individual investors and executives Parent company and shareholders Institutions, endowments and pension funds
Time horizon Long-term Varies 3-5 years