For Business Owners

Selling a business is one of the most significant decision a business owner will ever have to make.  Avon Growth Management is committed to helping make the decision to sell as straightforward as possible.  We can provide liquidity that will unlock the wealth accumulated in your business as well as a management transition that will assure the long-term success of your entrepreneurial legacy.

We know what it takes to build a business because we have been there.  We will join your team and work tirelessly to ensure the continued success of your business.  We never compromise integrity when working with employees, suppliers, or customers.

What We Look For

Avon Growth Management was created to acquire, manage, and grow small businesses. We believe in long-term growth, driven by principled and integrity centered management.

We are looking to acquire a business with the following criteria:

Minimum Attributes

• Services / Manufacturing business

• Management transition

• Privately held, U.S. based

• Profitable

• EBITDA margin greater than 15%

• EBITDA greater than $1M

• Fragmented market

Quality Dimensions

• Strong product/service differentiation

• Proven industry with growth potential

• Quality of cash flows

• Defensible market position

• Recurring Revenues

• Moderate to long sales cycle / B2B

• Quality of liquidity options